Our History

From 2000-2003 TAS functioned primarily as a conduit for information-sharing in the Lower Mainland and Victoria through its newsletter, website and news, discussion & advocacy.

In the wake of the cuts to the Gender Clinic in May 2002, groups and individuals from across the province started working together very closely to create a new plan for gender transition/crossdressing service delivery and to protect MSP funding for transition-related surgeries. A number of people involved in that campaign felt that a stronger province-wide coalition would be of great benefit to both sustain long-term campaigning on provincial issues and also facilitate the sharing of resources.

There are already a number of groups that very effectively provide peer support, education, and advocacy on local levels. TAS does not duplicate the work of local or regional groups. Instead, TAS is a vehicle to accomplish work that can’t be done by one group alone, and that will benefit trans people throughout the province.

Where we are today

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Caption for a recent accomplishment
Caption for a recent accomplishment