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Human rights/legal Reading materials

This page includes a brief description of each listed site, plus a brief indication of which genders of the trans community are represented on each page. We use the following abbreviations:

Bullet DK = Drag King Bullet DQ = Drag Queen Bullet CD = Crossdresser Bullet 2S = Two-Spirit
Bullet MTF = Male-to-Female Bullet FTM = Female-to-Male
Bullet BG = Bi-gendered Bullet 3rd = Third Sex/Gender Bullet SO = Friends, Family, Partners
Bullet IS = Intersexed Bullet TS = Transsexual Bullet TG = Transgendered (inclusive of all)

So a page with content that is primarily about the spectrum of FTMs would read: FTM-DK-CD-TS-3rd

We hope this is helpful in finding pages that contain what you're looking for. We don't intend to exclude or use language that offends. If you can think of better ways to describe various elements of trans communities, we welcome your suggestions.

We welcome your suggestions for links, especially links to resources in and near British Columbia. Please email suggestions for links to: communications@transalliancesociety.org

Other "Links" Pages

Above and Beyond. Wow. Over 2200 links, with a searchable database. Articles, personal pages and personal ads, info for partners, fiction, resources, events, shopping, news/chats, surveys, newsletters, webrings, and more. Bullet TG-SO

FTM International. Wide variety of links, including organizations, support groups, service providers, writing, funky art, and lots of info on transition for FTMs. Bullet FTM-DK-CD-TS-3rd-SO

Gender Education & Advocacy. Activism, chat sites, events, resources, info on service providers, and just about anything else you could ever want in a trans link page. Fabulous. Bullet TG-SO


Transgender Organizations

American Boyz. Wealth of resources for FTMs and their families/partners. Bullet FTM-CD-DK-TS-BG-3rd

Bint El Nas. Site "for women who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer (including female-to-male and male-to-female trans people in any state of transition), and who are identified ethnically or culturally with the Arab world, regardless of where they live." Includes writing (articles, poetry, etc.), message/chat board, and lists of community resources. Bullet TG

Bodies Like Ours. Peer support and information for people born with atypical genitalia, as well as education for family members and health professionals. Working to help eliminate shame, secrecy, and isolation. Handouts, message boards, research papers, referrals, and much more. Bullet IS-SO

COLAGE page for kids with transgender parents. Excellent resource for children of trannies, and their parents. Although COLAGE is "Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere", they actively support children of transgendered parents of all sexual orientations. Bullet SO-TG

Cornbury Society. Social and support group for crossdressers, based in Vancouver. Site includes links to various resources for crossdressers in the Lower Mainland. Bullet CD

Deaf Queer Resource Center. Resources for Deaf LGBT folks. Extensive links, info, support and chat space, and much more. Focus on non-trans lesbian/gay but some trans info. Bullet TG

Egale 2-Spirited and Queers of Colour Caucus / Ad hoc Committee. Focus group report, visions of the caucus, and information about how to subscribe to a new email list specifically for Two-Spirit people and LGBT people of colour. Bullet 2S - TG

FTM International. Very broad range of resources for FTMs and their families/friends. Primarily American-focussed, but some international resources. Bullet FTM-DK-CD-TS-3rd-SO

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered Disabled Veterans of America. Resources for transgendered people with disabilties who served in U.S. military. I find some of politics on this site disturbing - nationalism, etc - but it's a one-of-a-kind resource. Bullet TG

Gender Education & Advocacy. American group focussing on advocacy and education on issues such as transgender-related health care, HIV/AIDS education and prevention, health insurance coverage, education and credentialing of health care providers, and monitoring and responding to defamatory stories in the media. Bullet TG-SO

International Foundation for Gender Education. IFGE is a "clearinghouse for referrals about all things which are transgressive of established social gender norms". Includes bookstore, "Tapestry" magazine, and info on health, family, medical, legal, and workplace issues. Bullet TG-SO

Intersex Initiative. Network of intersex activists and allies working to stop the medical abuse of intersex children, and to challenge medical and social erasure of intersex existence through raising the awareness of issues faced by intersex people. Based in Portland. Bullet IS

Intersex Society of North America. Comprehensive website on intersex issues. Bullet IS

National Latina/o Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Organization (LLEGÓ). Organization of LGBT Latina/o communities from grassroots to national levels, to overcome social, health, and political barriers faced due to sexual orientation, gender identity, and race/ethnicity. Bullet TG-SO

Northwest Two-Spirit Society. Aims to educate society regarding First Nations and Two-Spirit histories and traditions, to insure community cohesion through the promotion of health, to promote Two-Spirit visibility, and to provide training and outreach to the Native and non-Native communities of the Northwest. Bullet 2S

Ô-Môi "endeavors to support and advocate the rights and visibility of Vietnamese lesbians, bisexual women and female-to-male (FTM) transgender people." Website includes a discussion forum and subscription info for a mailing list. Bullet FTM-CD-DK-TS-BG-3rd

PFLAG Transgender Network. Support, education, and advocacy for transgendered people and their parents, families, and friends. Very active support network and resources. Bullet TG-SO

Renaissance Transgender Association. Local support groups, monthly magazine, print materials on TG issues/how to run a local support group, speakers' bureau, and conferences. Bullet TG-SO

Survivor Project. Organization dedicated to addressing the needs of trans and intersex survivors of sexual assault, rape, or domestic violence through caring action, education, and expanding access to resources. Amazing site filled with great educational resources, survivors' stories, etc. Bullet TG-SO

TG Forum. Organization listings, chat room, support group database, event listings, news archives, transition resources, and info for friends/family members. A good one-stop shop. Bullet TG-SO

TransFamily. Support group for transgendered and transsexual people, their parents, partners, children, other family members, friends, and supportive others. Referrals, literature, and over-the-phone information on transgender issues. Bullet TG-SO

Transcend Transgender Support & Education Society. Just like the name says. Advocacy, Speakers' bureau, and other resources for transgendered people& their families. Bullet TG-SO

Transfeminism. Site with links to print materials and a discussion forum for all those "thinking feminist and speaking our truths." Bullet TG-SO

Transgender Aging Network. Network to connect and support researchers, service providers, advocates, educators, and others who are interested in transgender aging issues. Bullet TG-SO

Transgender Health Program. Launched in June 2003, Vancouver Coastal Health's new Transgender Health Program brings together trans people, loved ones, service providers, and health planners to improve trans health services. The program provides advocacy, education, referrals, and peer support for trans community members, and training for health and social service providers. Bullet TG-SO

TransJews. Site for transgendered, transsexual, genderqueer, and gender-questioning Jews, religious and secular, of all backgrounds and ages. Includes links to other sites. Bullet TG

Trans*Topia. Resources for transgender, transsexual, and genderqueer youth: stories, information, books, and more... Bullet TG-SO

Two-Spirit LGBTI Community. News, message board, recommended books, mailing lists. Bullet 2S

Tri-Ess: Society for the Second Self. Organization for heterosexual crossdressers and their families.  Support, social networks, outreach to professionals, and public education. Bullet CD-BG-SO

Youth Gender Project. Peer-based, pro-feminist, anti-racist transgender, transexual, genderqueer, intersex and gender-questioning (TGIQ) youth and young adult organization in San Francisco. Seeks social change and social justice through education around gender and gender identity, as well the development of TGIQ youth/young adult resources. Bullet TG-IS-SO


Transition Info

FAQ: Hormone Therapy for M2F Transsexuals. Excellent hormone info for M2Fs. Bullet TS-MTF

FTM Informational Network. Wide variety of info, including links to clothing stores for short men, which makes this a personal favorite. Bullet FTM-TS-CD-DK-3rd

FTM International Transition Resources. Transition, hormone, and surgery info for FTMs. Excellent overview of physical, mental, and emotional aspects of transitioning, with very practical suggestions and ideas. Bullet FTM-TS-CD-DK-3rd

HBIGDA Standards of Care. A helpful way to ensure transsexuals are protected from medical exploitation, or a way to control our lives? You be the judge. Interesting to compare to Health Law Standards of Care for Transsexualism, a policy developed by and for transsexuals. Bullet TS-FTM-MTF

Penile Prosthesis. This product and site received rave reviews from FTM International. Bullet FTM-TS-CD-DK-BG

Roadmap for Male-to-Female Transsexuals. The name says it all. Described as a TS version of "Our Bodies, Ourselves". Much more than body change info - also great articles on other aspects of transition, including spiritual and mental well-being, and financial/legal info. Geared to TS women, but some of passing tips may be of interest to crossdressers. Highly recommended. Bullet TS-MTF-CD

Sex Reassignment Surgery, MTF. Lynn Conway's pages on the historical development and surgical details of male-to-female genital surgery. Bullet TS-MTF

Transsexual Women's Resources. Anne Lawrence's pages. Massive site, focusing on medical resources (surgery, hormones, etc.) plus a whole lot of other info as well. Bullet TS-MTF

Transster. Collection of post-op FTM surgery pictures. Transster allows transmen to sort and search through available pictures and add their own. Bullet TS-FTM


Human Rights & Legal Info

Gender Advocacy Internet News. Free internet news service (mail list) run by Gender Education & Advocacy and It's Time America. Social, political, science, and interest items. Bullet TG

International Bill of Gender Rights. Ten civil and legal rights for people of all genders. Bullet TG

National Transgender Advocacy Coalition. American group working for TG rights. Bullet TG

Press for Change. Political lobbying and educational organization campaigning for civil rights in England, through legislative and social changes. Bullet TG-SO

Prisoners' HIV/AIDS Support Action Network (PASAN). The only organization in Canada exclusively providing HIV/AIDS education, support and advocacy to prisoners, ex-prisoners, and family members. Trans-inclusive group with some trans-specific resources, including a report on HIV/AIDS among MTF prisoners. Bullet TG-SO

PrisonJustice. Website for prison justice organizating in Vancouver. Includes analysis of the politics of prison, resources for action, and a calendar of upcoming events. Project of the Vancouver Prisoners' Justice Day Committee, Joint Effort and Books 2 Prisoners. Bullet TG-SO

Spencer Bergstedt's pages. Spencer is a trans lawyer and advocate. His site includes info on legal resources for trans people & their families, as well as personal info about Spence. Bullet TG-SO

Transgender Law and Policy Institute. Listing of US laws that are TG-inclusive; info on legal issues affecting TG people in the US. Although it is specific to the USA, some of the info is very helpful for lobbying in other countries as well - particularly examples of legislation. Bullet TG


Reading Material

Annotated Bibliography: Selected readings on transvestism, transsexualism and related subjects. Incredible span of books from 1960s-1990, with comments. Bullet TG-SO

CDS Bookstand. Books, videos, & magazines for and about crossdressers, transvestites, transsexuals and transgender issues. Bullet TG-SO

Connectivity. Bi-monthly online newsletter put out by FORGE (For Ourselves: Reworking Gender Expression), an American education, advocacy and support umbrella organization supporting FTM+s and SOFFAs. Each issue is devoted to exploring one topic in depth (e.g., sexuality, mental health, racism, domestic violence) and reporting on developments of interest to the trans+/SOFFA community. Bullet FTM-DK-CD-TS-3rd-SO

Gender Advocacy Internet News Archive (GAIN). Free Internet news service serving transgender and gender-variant communities. One of the best places to get up-to-date news on trans issues; updated every 3 days. Bullet TG-SO

GenderTalk. Fiction, commentaries, news, stories, and poetry from the hosts of GenderTalk, a weekly worldwide radio program about transgenderism. Excellent resource. Bullet TG-SO

In Our Own Words. FTM International's collection of trans authors' writing. Includes 'zines, articles, interviews, poetry, and multimedia. Bullet FTM-3rd

International Journal of Transgenderism. Research and other academically-focussed papers. All articles are available on-line. Bullet TG-SO

Old Hags and Sagging Bags. Online newsletter "for the aging crossdresser and other older transgendered persons". Focus on crossdressers, but inclusive of all. Bullet TG-SO

Rachel Miller's website. Articles on trans spirituality, emotional and mental well-being, trans unity, and social justice. Started off as trans-specific, but has expanded to include lesbian, gay, and bisexual issues as well (a nice change from the usual LGB adding the T!) Bullet TG-SO

Synchronicity Bookstore (IFGE). Extensive bibliography, with links to books that are for sale through the International Foundation for Gender Education's bookstore, Synchronicity. Bullet TG-SO

Trans-Health.com Online magazine of health and fitness for transsexual and transgendered people. Very well researched; diverse content. Bullet TG-SO

Trans On Campus. Information relating to gender diversity at college/university campuses. Includes pamphlets, curriculum ideas, and more. Bullet TG

Transgender Library and Archive. Massive collection of all types of transgender-related materials: books, articles, pamphlets, comics, films, and legal documents. Bullet TG-SO

Womennet.ca. Contains listings of over 4,000 women's groups (including transgender groups), bulletin boards, news, links, etc. Although it's a women's site, they are inclusive of FTM resources. Bullet TG-SO