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In memory: Christine WG Burnham

In March 2003, Christine WG Burnham, the founder of Trans Alliance Society, died peacefully and with dignity after a brief battle with cancer. A few days before her death, family members, friends, co-workers, and community members gathered with her to celebrate her life and her many achievements. Click here for photos from the celebration.

Trans Activist, Cinematographer, Artist, Writer, Philosopher and Parent
"You will not be forgotten"

In life, WG Burnham was a champion for the marginalized; those individuals who could not live in their birth gender or whose gender did not fit within the norms imposed by society. In death, WG continues to be a guiding light for those who seek to continue her work to promote gender diversity. Her published reports, thoughts, writings, and films will continue to help those working towards a world where all gender possibilities are celebrated.

WG Burnham was an accomplished artist. WG's countless photographic works are a testament of her skill in this medium. As a cinematographer, she sought to capture the struggles of the transgendered, to help society understand what they have to go through on a daily basis.

WG Burnham was a loving parent. WG attempted, to the best of her ability, to maintain contact with her children. She followed them through their childhood, saw their struggles and did her best to help. WG was extremely proud of her children. Her love for her children will always endure.

WG Burnham was a loving son and brother. Despite the confusion often associated with her gender change, WG loved her parents and siblings and welcomed the support they offered as she struggled with her life.

WG Burnham was a lover. Those who have known her will understand the passion that she brought to a relationship.

WG Burham was a friend. Her friendship, patience and understanding have built enduring relationships. She was the best of friends to many people.

WG, Christine, Bill. Whatever you were called throughout your life, you were an exceptional person. In death, you will continue to live within our hearts forever.

"To be acknowledged for who and what I am -- I was the simple truth of my existence."
Christine WG Burnham

20 December 1949 - 7 March 2003
Requiscat in Pace

This memorial was created with love by Kathy in memory of Christine's life, March 10, 2003